TOPO lab core competencies:

The TOPO lab excels in various research competencies, exercised in numerous projects.

Position Position and attitude determination of moving platforms or subjects is the main-stream of the lab research activity. The laboratory expertise in algorithm development for real-time or post-mission positioning have been applied to vehicle and pedestrian navigation and trajectography. We make use of satellite based (GPS, Glonass) positioning, inertial sensors, magnetic sensors, imagery and lately the networked based positioning via Ultra-wide band or 802.x technology.

Mapping and remote sensing 

Sensor integration and close-range remote sensing competences served in development of task specific or general mobile mapping systems. Geodesy, surveying and cartography are the traditional proficiencies present in the laboratory. High precision surveying by satellite or terrestrial observations as well as network design and adjustment remains the valuable expertise that is regularly made available for consultation or research-mandates.

Geomatics for road and traffic management.

An adequate road and traffic management is essential for the development of sustainable infrastructures for transportation. Navigation technologies and GIS play a key role in the development of new services and applications in the intelligent transportation systems (ITS).